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What States/Countries Have Legalized Casino Gambling

There are laws regulating gambling and casinos for countries all over the universe. Quite a lot of these countries permit online gambling in state-owned format only, a number of them limit gambling to the national lottery, many allow state-run casinos while other countries maintain a looser legislation structure and permit gambling on most levels. Virtually each country of the world is with its own specific laws, thereby making it impossible to highlight all of them. Nonetheless, I have received the autonomy of summarizing the laws in some of the larger countries that are pertinent to many of the gamblers world.

The United States

As far as the US is concerned on the state level, Utah and Hawaii are the only two states that forbid gambling completely. Gambling is tolerated at different levels in all other states. With each state making its own internal decisions concerning what is allowed and what is not allowed, the gambling activities are by and large grouped into Indian and race track gambling, charitable, commercial, lotteries and pari-mutuel. For instance, in Alaska, only Indian and charitable gambling are allowed, while gambling is permitted across all these groups in Louisiana. Nevertheless, disagreement still ensued on this matter, when it comes to online gambling on a federal level. . The UIGEA prevents financial institutions (banks) from conveying funds to and from online gambling sites, but with the 2006 law, there is no specification that players are forbidden from having the right of entry to online gambling sites and to play there as well. Examples of US friendly online gambling sites are Try Go Casino or Lucky Red Casino.

The United Kingdom

The English laws that have been in existence since the Gambling Act of 2005 was passed by the government are considered to be some of the most tranquil in the world. The law creates a structure of shield for children and helpless adults and makes extraordinary proviso for online gambling. If you are customer, you can bet on the lottery, sports, bingo and casino games among others.


In the midst of the French, gambling in all shapes and forms, varying from pari mutual racing, casinos to poker rooms and tournaments as well as charity tournaments is a much enjoyed activity. After the National Assembly of the country have voted in support of a bill to make internet gambling legal, France has made great strides in the online gambling orb in the past year. Without doubt, there is more competition and choice for French gamblers, although there are still state monopolies in some areas.


Gambling enjoyed by millions of people in Australia is well thought-out to be a fun activity. Gambling activities from gaming machines such as Tote and lotteries, casinos to pokies are lawful for the majority. Although this is still considered a grey area, online gambling has also made great impacts in Australia. There is no legal action that can be taken against Australian citizens for playing at an online casino as there is no legislation that criminalizes the act of doing so. On the other hand, casinos found accommodating clients from within the country can be put on trial. Wagering on sports in Australia is an exception because it is a situation where it is lawful to gamble online.

From the analysis as highlighted above, you will discover that casino gambling rules and regulations differ from one country to another as well as from one state to another within a country. Leaders cannot close their eyes to the development of online casinos and therefore need to integrate this activity into their laws quickly.