Types of online pokies

The online pokies, also known as the slot machines, are highly popular among the people from various parts of the world. Before the introduction of online versions of these games, the casinos and bars usually had a separate and special room that was particularly designed for the conventional slot machines. The introduction of pokies online has provided them a huge boost in their fame and popularity. There are millions of pokies players who love to spend their spare time playing these games with any of their preferred online casino. A single casino can have a wide range of pokies so that its players can easily find the best and most suited one.

Each and every casino online can offer different types of pokies that can be differentiated with respect to their features. The pokies online can be divided into four basic categories. The first one is the classic slot game which is the transformation of conventional slot game. This type of games are extremely simple to understand and very convenient to play, even for the new players as well. Most of these games are featured with only three reel option. Most commonly these games are available with single payline but games with three and five paylines are also available in most of the casinos.

The next type of pokies is the slot game with video features. The latest updates and advancements have helped the online casino industry to come-up with a wider range of this type of games. These games have to offer a lot better gaming experience and quality time to the players, which is why these pokies are a lot more popular among players as compared to the land based or conventional games. You can find a huge variety of these games with different graphics, sounds and paylines. The payline in these games can range from 5 to 25. You can enjoy the games with a minimum bet as well.

The third type is known as the bonus games. These games are considered as a lot more thrilling and fun. When you are playing any normal game of pokies and you hit a special combination you will be offered a bonus game by the casino online. As the name suggests, these bonus games are completely free. The next type is progressive pokies that have the highest jackpots to offer the players. Because of the higher jackpots the game is highly popular among the players. All you need to get the jackpot in the progressive online pokies is luck and the right strategy to play.