How to play online pokies

Playing online pokies are extremely easy to understand and to follow. It is considered as one of the simplest gambling games a casino has to offer. Online versions of pokies are similar to the conventional ones with respect to the playing features. The basic working is the same, all you have to do is just spin the wheels of pokies and get the same image on all of the wheels. The difference can be in functionality of the games. The games offered by an online casino can have more than three wheels and can offer you pylines ranging from 5 to 25.

Usually all of the pokies online have the same kind of functionality and features. Each of the games is featured with various buttons that are to be used for playing the game. The numbers of featured button can vary in some of the games but most commonly these are the same. Usually the buttons are featured in two rows. The upper row has a collect button that is used to collect the money from the game. Other than the collect button, a casino online can feature five buttons more that are related to the amount of credit for each line you want to play with.

In the lower row of online pokies, you can have a button to take the win. You can also use the same button to stop the win amount and to show the total final win. In order to control the amount of lines per spin, next five buttons can be used. To start the spin, you can press any of these buttons. The first and last of these five buttons, can also be used in any online casino to choose among the black and red. Next you can have a gamble button. In order to be taken to double-up bonus game, the button can be pressed at the end of winning spins.

In order to start playing the pokies online you are required to select bet per line. After the selection, you will have to choose the amount of lines. Usually all of the games have a house edge except the double up bonus. Once you have won the normal game, you can play the double up rounds for five times. The double up rounds can vary from one game to another depending on the manufacturers of the game. It is the basic and simplest way to start playing the game of pokies at any of your preferred casino online. You can learn more tricks and tips regarding the game from various available forums and sites.