For hardcore gamblers but also for the simple amateurs, the discipline of blackjack presents itself as a card game of the sharpest and most exciting, so much the techniques of game are legion. Practiced in all casinos in the world, the game of blackjack includes a specific game, rules of singular game and well defined issues.

Blackjack, a famous card game

What is blackjack?

Game of American origin, from the game of “twenty-one”, blackjack is played by up to seven players. To be able to play blackjack properly, basic strategies are imperative to know. And to make the best use of these basic strategies, we must understand the guiding principles that govern this casino game! In fact, the basic strategy refers to all the game principles that will allow you to bet win. The first idea to remember in the basic strategy is the notion of “advantage” for the casino. This concept of game means a position much more favorable to the casino, which translates concretely for the player by a margin of gains, lessened by the systematic advantage which the establishment of game benefits. Faced with this advantage in favor of the casino, the player must use a so-called “basic” strategy that must reduce the casino advantage. The second figure in the basic strategy should help you to understand the problem of card counting.

Based on fully proven scientific research, what is called “basic strategy” is based on mathematical predictions based on a combination of factors that are:

the number of cards played as well as your down payment

the type of game table

the bets of your opponents.

But probability requires, never lose sight of the fact that this strategy will not assure you any wins in rehearsal. At least, it will prove effective but not foolproof.

However, if you play as an expert, you can, by scrupulously adhering to all the rules of the basic strategy, oust the casino and, at best, significantly reduce the house advantage to less than 1%.

The playing frame of blackjack

As everyone knows, blackjack is a casino game. It should be known then that casino games obey specific rules. In other words, you first have game tables on which the bet will be made successively at the discretion of the punters on the table.

In order to play blackjack, it is imperative to have cards distributed by the dealer. These will allow you to bet and total points ahead of the casino.

Of course, a dealer must be assigned to a gaming table. This employee of the gaming house will direct the gaming parties, pay and cash on behalf of the gaming establishment.

The stakes to reach at blackjack

In the first place, you must make sure to get a reduction in the benefits of the house, if possible to less than 1%; so your chances of winning will be better ensured by using the basic strategy of scrupulously following certain tips.

But the essential objective of blackjack is to succeed in beating the dealer, because already know that the latter is the full representative of the gaming establishment and it is normal that it is he who runs the game parties.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to put the game on the straw, but it will not be easy, knowing that the casino will sooner or later win.

The rules of the game at blackjack

It seems self-evident that you will have to bet a sum in relation to the cards you have shown. And the role of the croupier, the employee of the gambling house, will be to draw cards that will put you in a bad game situation as much as possible.

In this respect, he has certain techniques such as “hot cards”. But the techniques of playing blackjack are legion (double bet, the “hands”, tricks and other strategies) and just want to be deepened.