For hardcore gamblers but also for the simple amateurs, the discipline of blackjack presents itself as a card game of the sharpest and most exciting, so much the techniques of game are legion.¬†Practiced in all casinos in the world, the game of blackjack includes a specific game, rules of singular game and well defined issues. […]


The following article talks about baccarat, the most fashionable card game in casinos today and even online.¬†It explains all the details of the game of baccarat and all you need to know to win this game. Named “chemin de fer” in France, baccarat in England, Punto banco in Argentina and Cuba, baccarat is a card […]

Examples of online card games

There are many types of card games that can be played online. We will teach you the basic rules regarding some of the most popular varieties, namely poker, tarot, belote, rummy, canasta and blackjack. The basic features of online card games Currently, casinos are striving to facilitate access to games for its customers. Thus, we […]